Packaging & Storage



Your Tiffin will be packaged carefully to ensure that it survives the journey and reaches you in perfect condition. For postal boxes currently we are individually wrapping each piece in cellophane,then they are enclosed in greaseproof paper. For local delivery /collection we sometimes just wrap in greaseproof paper. They are then placed in sturdy cardboard gift box, with a photo image of our logo on the top. Where practically possible materials are used that can be recycled. Your personal message is written by hand onto a photo gift card inside the box. A nutritional information/allergen sheet is also included.


If your box is to be posted the box is wrapped in recycled bubble wrap, and then wrapped in an outer layer of recycled packaging or brown paper, ready for the post. 



Tiffin has a great shelf life and lasts at least two weeks from manufacture (but seriously whose box of Tiffin ever isn’t eaten by then?!) Your information sheet will have the 'Best Before’ date on it. It is happy at room temperature, but you can if you wish store in the fridge. You may want to pop it into an air tight container.


It is VERY RICH due to the high chocolate content so you may wish to cut your Tiffin pieces in half. We have heard that some weight-watching customers have frozen it in even smaller pieces to ration themselves and to make it last longer!