For your Wedding or Celebration why not consider a Tiffin Tower?

Our gorgeous rich and chocolatey Tiffins piled up into a magnificent tower. 

An exciting and quirky alternative to a traditional wedding cake, that will certainly be a talking point!

Portion controlled to exactly the number of Tiffins you require to be cost effective, your Tiffin Tower can be easily coordinated to match your colour scheme.

Wedding Favours

If you don’t need a Tiffin Tower why not give Tiffin as wedding favours?

Individual Tiffins can be packaged to match your colour scheme and make a lovely take home treat for your guests.


Booking a consultation is a great way to start.

You are welcome to visit me in Melbourn, or if time is precious (or you prefer to be socially distanced) I am very happy to arrange a Zoom meeting with you.

A consultation costs £25, which includes a box of Tiffin tasters to help you choose what works for you in terms of appearance and taste. 


If you choose to proceed with booking this cost will be refunded.


As this is a brand new venture for Tiffinity I am looking for a limited number of couples who would be interested in commissioning a Tiffin Tower at a very attractive discounted price.


This would be in exchange for permission to tell your Tiffin Wedding Story on our social media pages and to use images from your Wedding on the Tiffinity website to show future couples what is possible.

If this is of interest to you please let me know when you book your consultation; a limited number of discounted Towers will be available, as they will need to show a variety of flavours and styles.