Hi, My name is Jayne, I make all the Tiffin!


I’ve always loved pottering in the kitchen and I started making my 'Original Tiffin' years ago - a delicious blend of chocolate, butter, biscuit and dried fruit. It was  so utterly decadent and rich, could be stored at room temperature and lasted at least ten days and still tasted great. Not that it ever lasted that long...


Long before the days of baked goods by post being all the rage, I was sending care packages of Tiffin to my daughter who was at university in Edinburgh. Her student friends were all huge fans and for her twenty first birthday party I baked huge mounds of the stuff; rest assured it is a tried and trusted recipe.

As the years have gone by I have added a few more flavours with batches of Tiffin being my thing to make for parties. My son has asked me to make them for him to take to work.  Then COVID arrived, I wasn't quite so sure about my long term job security and so I started to seriously look at making Tiffin to sell and so Tiffinity and Beyond was born!

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